Er du en uavhengig Norsk bedrift? Do you want more from your customers?


It's time to forget advertising as you know it. Don't blend in with crowd. Don't shout about prices. Message your customers privately. Engage with them and build trust and knowledge about your business.


We are a new startup agency based in Arendal and couldn't be more excited about the messaging revolution! Use the latest in digital marketing technology to create sales and get your message heard.


Email is dead

Forget email as a channel to reach the younger consumer. More and more are avoiding it all together. Get open rates as high as 90% on some of your messenger broadcast messages.

394% growth

You need to be where your customers are. Messaging apps have grown this much in the last two years!

Customer’s expectations

Instant responses and always available . A personalised experience.  Conversation is natural and builds trust with your brand.


Think clever automated messaging 24/7 for your company. Try a conversation with our bot now and see exactly how your business can level up marketing, sales and support using Facebook Messenger. 👇


How creative can you be for your business?

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Signups bot

Get rid of forms and typing. Make it super easy for a customer to register their interest in your company. Lead generation has never been so easy. Have you seen our send to Messenger button above? One tap and we have the ability to message you, we have your full name and any other information you have publicly available on Facebook! How personal could you be in your repsonses for different age groups, male or female, English or Norweigan speaking?

Quiz bot

Discover your enthusaistic fans with a conversational quiz. Educate them about your business while making them smile. To keep your customers attention in 2018 you have to be different than the big guys. Show your brands personality.

Survey & review bot

Everybody hates filling out forms. Customers really hate filling out information you should already know about them. How different would it feel to text your friend about a movie versus filling out a form? This can really help your business stand out and get much better results!

A shopping bot

Link your best selling products to a bot. It's now possible for customers to check out seamlessly from the bot. Create a unique personal experience based upon their behaviour in the app. Do they use the bot regularly? Perhaps offer a special discount just to them. You may even want to leverage conversation to new product information instead of a typical webpage. Make them engage instead of browse!

A company ambassador bot

  Meet your new employee. Always available. Always positive and polite. How would you talk to customers? Write the perfect script.

Assistant bot

Want to help your customers with standard tasks? Send business updates, send newsletters and blogs, connect with the correct member of staff, gather email addresses or phone numbers and provide info about upcoming events or deals.

Help & FAQ bot

Do you recieve a lot of repeat questions in your business? Hate to waste time on the phone and email answering the common questions? Let your bot deal with it 24/7. Customers do not have to wait for an answer. Customers do not have to search for your website and then an answer. Customers do not have to guess at what to do if they don't want to phone you.

Want to chat?

We are located in Arendal town centre in the newly opened Bankgården co-working offices. Just beside the yellow building on the right hand side of the picture!

facebook messenger stats

1.3 billion

No of users

20 million

Business pages that use messaging

100, 000

No of chatbots

2 billion

Business msgs per month

Our blogs!

What is a conversational designer?

Chatbots i Norge!

Making your website conversational


Is it time to change up your marketing strategy and have conversations with customers rather than shout about low prices?

Is it time to provide conversational help and support?

Is it time to engage customers with conversational feedback rather than filling out forms?


Your ambassador

Meet your new employee. Always available. Always positive and polite. How would you talk to customers?

Tell your story

Let's create a bot that doesn't shout at your customers about prices. Instead, over time, educate them about what makes your business special.

Solve common questions

Hate to waste time on the phone and email answer the common questions? Let your bot deal with it 24/7.


(Imagine recieving this GIF from your cafe asking if you need another espresso? It’s going to put a smile on your face and count for a lot more than a boring predictable mass market message) What can you do in your bot to achieve the holy grail of marketing and create “word of mouth” customer ambassadors? Surprising, random engagement is a key factor according to the leading “user ehaviour” expert in Silicon Valley, Nir EYAL. We can help you write your scripts for your customers.


These guys are world renowned leaders in chatbots.

Check out what they have to say about the value of bots.

The best thing about Facebook Messenger is the data you can collect. This let’s us make our feed more personalized and helps us to send smarter notification-like messages to remind users to come back.

"Everyone is talking Bots these days, and they stress good points — new affordance, lots of opportunities for distribution and discovery, and exciting new possibilities to deliver services to users!"

"A chat can convey things a website can’t."

"Automated, conversational experiences allow brands to inspire, communicate with and serve their customers right where they are, in a much more scalable way."

zuckerberg on bots

Hear from the owner of Facebook on why they believe Messenger (and bots) is central to customers engaging in an easier and more meaningful way. The questions is, how could a bot help your business?