The chatbot effect

I have no data, just a hunch, but perhaps you will agree with me. If we were to ask a simple question to small business owners in 1999 versus today, how do you think the answers might differ?

“How important is a website for your business?”

My hunch is that in 1999 the jury was still out for smaller businesses. Websites were perhaps seen as a nice thing to have. Their cost in those times of the “dot com” boom may have been a factor. But in a world without Google or Facebook, Yellow Pages reigned supreme. A lot more time was spent speaking on the phone.

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Now it is rather obvious you need some form of digital face for your company. You may just use Facebook or Google Places or even Twitter. You may have setup a basic free website with your contact details. Somewhere an enthusiastic customer can find details to visit, email or phone you.

And that is enough to survive in todays business world. But in the future perhaps not. To thrive, even today, your business has to offer something different, something better.

Research (you need to provide your email to get their research as a PDF) has shown that the younger the customer the more they prefer digital interactions over the old fashioned way. Simply put, a website, app or bot allows them to order, ask and discover instantly. A phone call is awkward and email is time consuming. If your business only offers those traditional options which do you think a customer may choose?

So if we ask,

“How important is a chatbot for your business?” –

the answer may be a little different today than in the future. Embrace technology and make it easier than ever before for your customers.

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