Here is KLM’s feature article on how they use Messenger and how you can try their chatbot. As innovators they are also one of the first to offer updates through WhatsApp as it begins to roll out its business partnerships.




These bots provide you with booking confirmations, check in information and also your boarding pass which you can scan at selected airports.



KLM is an official partner of Facebook Messenger and has worked hard to get this integration into the hands of millions of customers. To quote their website, they want to have customers easily access all their flight information in one place and be able to ask any questions at any time.

We can imagine things like delayed flight compensation, lost baggage, flight info changes all being problems that could be solved through Messenger. The convenience over sending a simple message versus standing and waiting in a queue is massive.

Now as a small business owner perhaps you feel this service isn’t important for you to have, especially if it generates extra work for you.

So fear not, an automated chatbot can be the answer! Below is an example template from Facebook that could be sent to your customers.



So why send it via Messenger instead of email?

Emails have become transactional. With a business email address of noreply@business.com it doesn’t encourage a response!

A messenger confirmation message is the start of a conversation. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to help them or market to them. Customer loyalty in 2018 is not built through advertising. It’s built through trust. Be there for them in the most convenient way possible with Messenger.

Check out what else bots can do on our features page.

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