The future of mobile from Intercom

I enjoyed reading this blog from Intercom, it provided some interesting insights about the way we use technology.

Read the blog here

As with most controversial ideas the comments section is really worth a read 🙂

For instance did you know that the average American downloads zero apps a month (here is the evidence!).

The writer Hugh then goes on to make the point that messaging apps have begun to dominate as we move from pulling info out of the digital world to having it pushed to us.

“We’re spending increasing amounts of time inside messaging apps and social networks, themselves wrappers for the mobile web. They’re actually browsers. And these browsers give us the social context and connections we crave, something traditional browsers do not.”

The article makes a pointed reference to bots and their ability to provide us with hugely personalised content. He makes a great example with the way we consume music. What do you think?

My brief summary on the subject is that bots will change our digital world for the better. In a digital social world bots provide more value for you in a more private way. The development of AI is exciting in helping us complete tasks or have fun.

But the biggest feature of bots that often gets missed is that there is very little to learn in using them. People had to learn how to use the web at first. Then how to download apps and navigate, pinch and swipe through screens. But with bots we are enabling a skill humans have practiced for thousands of years – natural speech! Bots wont kill all apps or websites – they are an addition to our digital world that is here to stay.

As the world becomes more connected its more important for businesses to communicate in an accessible and natural way with customers. Teenagers of todays world will not deal with businesses who insist on pretending that its still ok to look like you use Windows 98 🙂 and communicate in very official ways with little personality.

What do you think?




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