Website Customer Chat for Messenger Launched

Facebook has just launched an exciting new feature for Messenger called the “Customer Chat” plugin. It looks like many other live chat solutions on the market with an icon that appears throughout a website. Perhaps you have already noticed ours? 🙂

It is dsigned for desktop usage but we have seen it work on some mobile pages.

It allows users to begin using the bot without having to go into Messenger in a new window or separate app. Another benefit is that the conversation transfers across all your devices. So you can begin a chat on the website then five minutes later continue it from your phone as you go out to lunch.

Messenger Customer Chat example

Above you can see our home page excerpt that shows the two website plugins/widgets for launching a Messenger chat. On the left we have the “Send to Messenger” button that begins a chat in or on your app.

The new feature is beside it opens up the conversation right there and then as below. For your customers that have Messenger this means in one tap they can begin to engage with you. They don’t have to write their email address or name or wait for you to reply > it’s all right there.

Messenger Customer Chat example

This widget really helps solve the “bot discovery” issue for some businesses. With it being so prominent on the website it helps convert users. It helps demonstrate a tool you have created that provides instant and personalised support, something the modern customer increasingly desires.

It’s super easy to install, a little code is simply copy and pasted into the footer area of your website.

We are excited to see how this works out for your businesses. There is some industry discussion (check out the Product Hunt page here) about the impact this may have on the live chat giants Intercom and Drift. As you can see in our bot it can lead you to a live chat with us if we are available or schedule a phone meeting!

How would it work for your business?

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