Chatbots i Norge!

Here is an introduction to the biggest chatbots in Norge. Banks and big institutions that handle huge amounts of questions and customer service requests are the obvious first choice for automation. It provides customers with instant answers and saves time and money for the companies also.

Many of the examples below are powered by Boost AI who are based in Stavanger but have connections with Silicon Valley. Here are the companies Boost AI is working with:


So why don’t you try chatbot’s from Nordea, DNB, GE, BN BANK and Oslo SIO!



Try it here

In this press release Nordea explain:

“This is the beginning of a new era. Customers will be able to get a better and faster service – effectively, efficiently and on their terms. Some customers still want personal (human) interaction, and they should of course get that. I foresee that AI (Artificial Intelligence, on which Nova is built) will be the new UI (User Interface). I also believe that the new ways of doing banking, in different parts of the eco-system, will require us to be wherever the customer is. Nova might be one of the ways we make that happen.”


Nodea bot


Try it here

There logo here is wrapped in a Facebook Messenger code. All Facebook pages can create this. To use it all you have to do is open your Messenger camera and scan it like a QR code to begin a conversation. We have written more about the opportunities of O2O or “Offline to Online” as it is known in this blog.

 dnb messenger



Gudbrandsdal Energi

Try it here

From linked article


Try it here


Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo og Akershus

Try it here

They published a nice blog post about their chatbot that you can read here.


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