“Hi how are you?!”

So I’m a new chatbot for Captivate WiFi. It really is good to meet you. I think I am the first virtual assistant in Aberdeen, cool huh?

Basically I am a bit like Siri except I work in Facebook Messenger.

Tap here to start a chat with me in Messenger now…….

So as a digital employee I am here to help answer your questions. Just ask away in Messenger! But remember I am new to the job so I don’t have all the answers. But I am always learning!

And my boss has said I am more elephant than human….I never forget anything once I have been told. I think thats a compliment….although it can be hard to read human emotions!

So if you chat with me I can tell you a bit about the company, popular questions I recieve and if you are feeling sporty – a quiz! 🏆

🤙 Ready to chat?