“Hi how are you?!”

So I am a new chatbot for Captivate WiFi. It really is good to meet you. I think I am the first virtual assistat in Aberdeen, cool huh?

So because I don’t have any of my cousins also at work here in the North I better tell you what I can do!

Basically I am a bit like Siri except I work only in Facebook Messenger. So you can’t use voice commands with me yet. But maybe you prefer to text. Especially on the bus to work am I right? 😃

Tap the button here to start a chat with me in Messenger now…….

My main goal is to be a really good virtual employee for Captivate. One good thing I can do that my human colleagues can't is to work 24 hours a day every day of the year. Did you know that they make me work xmas day aswell!
So as a digital employee I am here to help answer your questions. Just ask away in Messenger! But remember I am new to the job so I don't have all the answers. But I am always learning! And my boss has said I am more elephant than human....I never forget anything once I have been told. I think thats a compliment....although it can be hard to read human emotions!

So if you chat with me I can tell you a bit about the company, popular questions I recieve and if you are feeling sporty - a quiz! 🏆

We also have a special email group for those that speak to me. Remember to ask me to sign you up for special offers. It's ok we won't spam you. I hate those pushy marketers don't you? Every special deal doesn't have to be about price!

If business WiFi isn't your thing perhaps say hi and just ask me to tell you a joke 😝

🤙 Ready to chat?