Check out these features that can have a big impact on your business!

Chatbot intelligence 👇, discovery 👇, personalisation 👇, sequences 👇, technology 👇, subscriptions  👇.


Although anything can be texted to our bots, the bot doesn’t have human intelligence. think of it like a cleverer Google search on only your business rather than general intelligence.

What will happen through ‘training’ your bot is that we can make it smarter and tailor it to your customers behaviour. If you are a small coffee shop we want it to be an expert on everything you serve and everything about your business.

Our Norweigan trained bots pick up on our library of Norweigan keywords and traits. This is something we feel thats unique in the bot world and can be tailored and trained specifically for your business.


Here are the three main ways customers can launch or discover your awesome bot!

  • 1)The Messenger plugin can be placed anywhere on your website like ours here.
  • 2)Direct search inside Messenger. Type Norsk Bots in the grey bar to discover ours like you would for a friend.
  • 3)Each bot has a URL link that starts with m.me/ Like any URL you can place a hyperlink in social media posts and profiles, on websites and attach it to every email signature.


Built into our bots is a prominent share function. With one tap your customer is presented with a list of their most popular contacts. Another tap sends them a link to the bot just like you would share a picture or blog.


This feature is amazing for competitions to promote your bot. We can create different rules for user comments on your Facebook page that prompt the start of a conversation with your bot. For example post on your Facebook page a promotion for all those that comment 20% will get a discount card for your shop sent directly in Messenger.

You may also prompt a more general conversation for any comment on your page. We are in favour of those as it has a personal touch and a user comment shows engagement with your page.


Think of these like an automated follow up. We usually set them up for 24 hours after their first use of the bot. Common questions include asking for feedback or reminding them to subscribe.


Below is a Messenger scan code and a QR code. The messenger code is scanned inside the app and the QR code can be scanned by nearly all phones. It acts as a link straight into the conversation in Messenger.

This really helps create an offline to online process. Almost all digital transactions in China happen via QR codes. O2O (offline to online) is reckoned to be the next big change in our shopping habits. It removes so much friction!

Depending on your business type you can place these codes everywhere that a customer might see. Shop windows, business cards, flyers or product packaging!


Think of your conversations as a way to get to know your user. Play the long game. Don’t shout deals and offers. Don’t be needy. Your place in their Messenger inbox sits alongside their best friends – you need to compliment that behaviour.

You can build up an exciting database segmented anyway you like. Male or female, age, favourite products, location> you decide. Segment them based on your questions or their interactions with your business.


During the initial first few messages with a customer we design the conversation flow so that a user “opts-in” to your bot, this is considered a subscription. Users can ask at any time to change or stop the frequency of updates from the bots. For instance they may not want your social media posts but would still like to hear about special offers or blogs.

Facebook have implemented a 24 hour rule in Messenger for bots and businesses to protect the network from becoming filled with spam like email. This rule means that without a subscription you will be unable to reach a customer after 24 hours of their last interaction with your bot.


Chat sequences work in a similar way to email sequences but with much more impressive results. Some marketers have reported open rates as high as 95% for some campaigns. Mailchimp reports that the average marketing email open rate is less than 18%! What an opportunity.

A sequence can be automated by time or behaviour. For instance send a different message every two days to tell your brand story. Or send them specific offers once they have been to certain parts of your bot.

This becomes doubly powerful when you think of what we can analyse in a conversation versus a click on a web site!


Some of you reading this have probably had a stab at making websites or other IT tasks before. You probably have some technical questions or thoughts. Many people at first glance compare websites and chatbots as their is a cross over in some of the information and functions.

They assume chatbots are simpler to produce as their is less of a graphical element, so much is text only. The field experts compare chatbots more to script writing than website design in actual fact. For those who have attempted or continue to blog you know how hard it is to create an impact with only your words.

For this reason, technically, we have not tried to re-invent the wheel. Our platform of choice is Chatfuel to power all of the data management, data security and reliability of message sending and speed. You could call them WordPress for bots. If you needed any more convincing they are a leader in the bot world check out the companies that use them below!